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Posted: Sun May 10, 2020 8:41 am
by Michelei
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- I'm what your looking for. I'm outgoing and darling to play a joke on fun...So if your looking notwithstanding a good time...I'm who you should call!!


- My marriage has been a happy one since the day I made a decision to send an e-mail to Home of…

After the third orgasm, he laid in bed next to me and kissed me. “Wow.” Was all he could say.
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As we entered the building we said hello to a few of the guys that were just finishing up with some weights or training. We went to the wrestling area and found the coach’s office. The door was open and we knocked and walked in.
“No I didn't think so either, but plans got screwed up tonight so I am just back early before I take Mrs. Maher's dog out tonight before bed.” I say.
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Becca pushed her laptop back so that it showed more of the room behind her. She then shuffled backwards and sat up on her knees as Vicky joined her, both dressed in just a frilly bra and panties.
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chair exposing herself to me, while leaning back onto her elbows, and looking at me expectantly. I stared
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"Whatcha think?" she asked, still a bit giggly.

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Posted: Sun May 10, 2020 8:42 am
by Michelei
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- Sugercute lady seeking for the purlose a heart wallop A loving ,straightforward and romantic lady,like to complement each other out because of dinner,love doing sports and also love watching movise,like swimming....passionate and unusually sloppy,loving and caring......good looking and grave minded...


- Atriculately, do you. I yearn in search pasxsion, burning and a warm embrace. All I be in want of is for you to join a infrequent sparks, so this fire can blaze. Do you secure what it takes?

Then it was Dimitri’s turn. “I’m gonna cum! “I’m gonna cum!” he gasped in warning. I felt his cock tightening in my mouth. Dimitri tried to twist away but I wouldn’t let him. I sealed my lips and sucked hard. My friend howled as he blasted his cum down my throat. I was so caught up in the moment that I didn’t choke or cough, I simply swallowed his spunk as quickly as it poured into my mouth. His cum was thick and salty, tinged with a slightly sour, almost citrusy aftertaste. If I was happy that I had made Glenn cum, then in comparison I was absolutely elated to finally taste semen.
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"Does it only work with your hand?", Suzanne asked.
Roger moved over saying: “God, Phyllis, that was hot. Just watching you almost made me come in my pants!” Phyllis, her eyes closed, reached with her hand and rubbed his hard on that was pushing up his pants. She would need more lipstick before the afternoon was finishedshe thought she might have a red ring around her ass! It made her chuckle at all the fun they were having.
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Uncle Benny looked like he was about to crawl inside the couch. He said something about seeing my legs. How my shirt had pulled up, and he saw my panties, and even my butt. I was mortified, but also excited. He was looking at me? Like that?
Sue got down sucking Ralph cock, and quickly leant on the bench as his cock wanted to enter her. This time I went over, and aimed his cock at her butt; she took it, all going in as Kim gasped. I said there is nothing better than a dog’s cock filling your butt or pussy, the speed they fuck at, and the amount of cum is unbelievable. Wait until you try it, Kim still looked shy and shocked that we would do this, but Sue’s orgasm now coming quicker and quicker told her why we did, I bent her over, sliding my cock in her pussy, next to Sue, Kim soon shot out a huge orgasm, as Sue screamed though one of her’s.
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The sight of my pussy with my big hard clit and little gold rings was beginning to have an effect on him and I could see his dick start to harden and rise up. I guess that he didn’t want the 3 men to see his dick so he put his feet on the bench in the same way that I was sitting. This meant that his dick was pointing to the ceiling between his thighs; the 3 men would not be able to see unless they walked between us.

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Posted: Thu May 21, 2020 9:43 am
by Sreykhoch

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