We are proud to introduce the better search function

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We are proud to introduce the better search function

Post by marling » Sat Jul 06, 2019 5:04 am

We are introducing the live search function to replace our old search engine.

It is designed to boost your search experience and more accurate results, with it, everything you search will be presented with images, so they look even more attractive and user friendly. The search will work on all the devices.

Later we will replace the tradition home page to the search bar, and put a button to go to the tradition home page.
There have few benefit of doing so
  • Providing a better search experience
  • Much faster speed, because you no need to load all the imagine
  • Image supported, so you can see the picture and choose what you wanted
We also included the top search on the other side of the search bar, you can see what is popular, hoping you guys will like it.

Please give us some feedback. We need your feedback to make the next update better.
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